S/S12: Guest blogger Ali Carey returns…

As the season turns, it’s time to think about what we will wear this Spring/Summer. Who better to talk us through her favourite looks than our friend in fashion (and everything else), Miss Ali Carey.

What I will be wearing This Summer…

Look 1: Balenciaga

I think I’m ready for a new trouser shape and who better to turn to than Nicholas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga who I feel can push the boundaries on a shilouette like no other? I want my trouser to belt high on my waspish waist and pleat softly through the thigh and I still get to keep my narrow leg. I also hear that the music to ‘Twin Peaks’ was an inspiration for him on this, his take on Urbanism and I muse, whats not to treasure about that?

Look 2: Dries Van Noten

For me, this was one of Dries Van Noten’s strongest shows for seasons. I love a good collaboration, and here he hooked up with James Reeves, collaging Reeves’ photos with 17th Century botanical etchings, seascapes and jungle images. The floral is one of the chief trends for SS12 and when I sashay in this sharp look I know I’ll have nailed it in one. Dries, you are my Prince of Prints.

Look 3: Rodarte

Rainy old Dublin, I don’t care, I will wear this piece and splash as I go. I won’t even see the grey skies as I’ll be in a Van Gogh sunflower strewn setting, for I am a Rodarte girl. The Third Mulleavy Sister, if they’ll have me.

Look 4: Prada

Oooh Daddy, what is it about cars and girls? Pick me up at 8 and make sure it’s in your Hotrod, as I’ll be in mine. Except mine is Miuccia’s and it’s in leather and it’s narrow as hell. As I take tiny little Lady steps and shimmy shimmy shimmy I know I’ll be thinking, she’s done it again. My look of the Summer.

Look 5: Jonathan Saunders

There will be garden parties and I will choose to attend in Jonathan Saunders this Summer: he sent us the wispiest chiffons and jauntiest jaquards in what I felt were the best colour combinations of the season with a collection that was his most feminine to date. Jonathan, I’ve been watching you for some time now and I always like what I see.

Look 6: Miu Miu

Miu Miu gave us folksy and I will be wearing scarlet Sicilian lace as I move through the fair. Stare all you want, I like it all the better that way. Miuccia tells us that it took her only 15 days to come up with this collection, but I know she could do it in her sleep. I want to be in her gang.

Look 7: Jil Sander

You have to hand it to Raf Simons at Jil Sander. Sometimes only the purest and the simplist will do and when something of the virginal is the order of the day I know where I’m going to turn. There’s something about a prim collar that makes me feel sort of smug and superior. I’ve always been an elitist and if you don’t like it, you’ll just have to shoot me.

Look 8: Joseph

Sometimes 90’s grunge is all that will do, and when I feel festival ready I will sport Joseph’s ratty tea frock and kick the earth up in dirty boots. Louise Trotter sure knows how to shake it all up. Whats’ that smell? You got it. Teen Spirit.

Look 9: Felder Felder

The twins at Felder Felder have always cited Music and Bands as their greatest inspiration and who am I to argue? Irridescence was another Hallmark of SS12 and I am of the persuasion that this shiny skater skirt packs a heavy weight punch. Do I want to make an entrance? You know I do. It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it.

Look 10: Acne

In the Summer I like to have a dress I can LIVE in and keep on my back from sun up to sun down, bedroom to beach to back room bar. What I treasure most about the in crowd at Acne is that they sure know how to create the ultimately covetable. To wear is to treasure. All season long. Over and out.

Ali Carey, Dublin, Jan 13th 2012

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2 comments to S/S12: Guest blogger Ali Carey returns…

  • Leah

    LOVE Miu Miu dress. Absolutely gorgeous, and the rodarte dress is so cute and summery. Thanks for sharing x

  • Paul McCabe

    Just as i was beginning to tire of Acne they pull this wonder out of their ass. Great curation. Great article.